Free Mahjong Games

Free Mahjong Games
Free Mahjong Games

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2D Mahjong Temple

Nice Mahjongg Game - 2D Mahjong Temple

2d Mahjong Temple

The temple principal's daughter got distracted for just a second, but it was long enough for her little, white rabbit to take off!
Download Free Mahjong 2D Mahjong Temple
Where has the white rabbit gone? Take part in 2D Mahjong Temple's charming story today!
Play 2D Mahjong Temple and help her find the bunny! Go on a colorful, tile-matching adventure over 60 levels and 3 chapters.
In the blink of an eye, the young lady's favorite bunny made his escape after she delivered his breakfast. The rascally rabbit ran off during morning prayers and she must hurry to find him before something happens to him out in the wild. He is not accustomed to fending for himself!

Pursue the rabbit as you follow the colorful adventure through 60 beautifully designed levels when you play the free trial version or download the full version of 2D Mahjong Temple today! 

Download And Play 2D Mahjong Temple

These some of the advantages of 2D Mahjong Temple:
  • Enjoy an entertaining story of 3 chapters with 60 challenging Mahjong levels
  • Choose to relax with a second game mode
  • Increase your Mahjong skills while playing level after level
  • Discover beautiful designs and a soothing soundtrack
Download 2D Mahjong Temple

Hoyle Illusions Mahjong

Great Free Mah Jong Game - Hoyle Illusions Mahjong

Hoyle Illusions Mahjong
Hoyle Illusions Mahjongg is an exciting, tile-matching adventure over more than 100 levels. With so many layouts and tile sets, this game will keep you playing for hours.

Free Mahjongg Game

It's magic!

Hoyle Illusions Free Full Version Mahjongg

 Embark on a new and exciting magical Mahjongg adventure! Enjoy a variety of tile sets, tons of levels, beautiful environments, layout variations and much more! Seek and find each level as you experience Sophie's story and the magic of Hoyle Illusions Mahjongg!

Free Mah Jong Hoyle Illusions
  • 120 unique levels and hours of game-play
  • Beautiful backgrounds & locations
  • A variety of tile sets, trophies and more!
Free Mahjong Games

Take part in Sophie's story in Hoyle Illusions Mahjongg today!

Download Hoyle Illusions Mahjongg

Space Mahjong

Space Mahjong Free Download

Space Mahjong
Travel through the cosmos, visit strange and wonderful alien worlds, and encounter fantastical creatures in Space Mahjong!
Explore seven different and challenging Mahjong styles each with their own artistically produced environment.

Free Mah Jong Game

Space Mahjong has seven different types of Mah Jong gameplay to choose from, including Crossed Lines, All By Picture, Logical Pair and a one minute timed round, each set in a unique and beautifully rendered alien environment. With hours of Mahjong gameplay, gorgeous graphics and soothing score, Space Mahjong will delight Maj Jong fans of all ages.

Free Mahjong Space Mahjong

  • Seven Mahjong game modes
  • Gorgeous space themed environments
  • Nice Relaxing music

Download Space Mahjong Free

Magic Bookshop Mahjong

Fantastic Mahjong Game Magic Bookshop Mahjong

Magic Bookshop Mahjong

A new fantastic Mahjong adventure awaits you in this epic story of the struggle between good and evil!

Download Magic Bookshop Mahjong Game

Play as a young elf who travels through an enchanted land. Find magical elixirs to prepare for battle with an evil witch, who holds an entire district against their will. Together with a young elf, visit the mysterious Elven Forest, the Mighty Castle of Knights, as well as the underground City of Dwarves. This is no ordinary mahjong game.

Test your skills by collecting pairs of books for whimsical clients. Create and use powerful elixirs to your advantage. Can you defeat the evil witch and save the district? 

Free Mahjong Magic Bookshop

  • 50 levels 
  • 8 types of magical elixirs
  • Unique mini-game À Multiple game modes to choose from

Download Free Mahjong Collection

Monday, June 2, 2014

Egypt Mahjong New Great Mahjong Game

Egypt Mahjong

Free Mahjong

Mahjong egypt is a new version of classic Mahjong. Mahjong (Mahjongg, Mah Jong) solitaire is a free puzzle game for puzle lovers!

Free Egypt Mahjong Game

Egypt Mahjong is a free solitaire game where the player objective is to eliminate all tiles with hieroglyphics from the pyramids. Find matching pairs of hieroglyphics from the end lines of the pyramid of tiles.

Start to discover Egypt in 10 levels combined with a Difference game. In part 1 of a level you play a normal Mahjong Solitaire game, combine 2 of the same tiles to remove them from the game. In part 2 you have to spot the differences between the 2 images. Click on all differences. If you find all within the time limit you advance to the next level.
You can use the hint button if you can't find anymore differences!

Free Mahjong Download

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mahjong Games Play Online Or Download

Mahjong Games

Mahjong is a game requiring both skill and memory. The game has an interesting history - persons have been playing it for centuries and is available in many different versions and styles, including the traditional 4 Player version and solitaire.

Download Mahjong
Let be your free online resource and we will provide you with all the information and games you need. Whether you are looking for games, history, sets, the real thing or just some information - look no further!

Pair up exotic mahjong tiles in unique layouts as you play free Mahjong Games.
Match pairs of tiles to eliminate them from the board. Play the free game Mah Jong Tiles! Mahjongg Solitaire Games, an exquisite collection of mind games: entertaining, challenging and free.

Free Mahjong

The latest version of Mahjong Solitaire is striving to become the best free versions of the game you will find online.
Made to fill in the gaps where other games fell short we are sure you will enjoy this addition to our site

Mahjongg Download
This 3D version of Mahjong is one a long time favourite and still gets a lot of people hooked.
With six tile sets to choose from variety of different layouts and the option to create your own ones you will be having fun for hours.

New: 80 new solvable levels of Mahjong with extra tilesets.

Download Free Mahjong Games

Sunday, March 16, 2014

All In One Mahjong Bueno Edition

Mahjong Bueno Edition

Like mahjong, life is a game of chance

Mahjong is an addicting solitaire game where player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.
Two game modes:
• Time mode (with shuffle ability, match all pairs as soon as possible)
• Score mode (no shuffle, play until you win or lose)
42 different layouts!
Global leaderboard with people playing all over the world.
Big selection of backgrounds.

Tips & Tricks

You can hide/show number of available moves by clicking status bar.
If you get stuck, click Hint button to see matching pair.
You can undo last move with Undo button.
Double click empty space on the screen in order to turn off/on highlight of open tiles.

The Great Mahjong

This is the best Mahjongg Solitaire game, you can play it!
Try new free colorful addictive mahjong game!
Click on matching pairs of tiles to remove them and clear the board.
One of the Mahjong modes is a new genuine 3-dimensional Mahjong sequel. User friendly interface, relaxing atmosphere, highly adjustable gamefield and background distinguish this game from others.
As the water polishes stone with time making it more smooth, as human mind advances the ancient China game - Mahjong, making it to perfection, better and deeper. Having evolved from domino game and several card games, Mahjong becomes most popular mind exercise and relaxation until nowadays.

Free Mah Jong Fun
 Mahjong Download Free