Free Mahjong Games

Free Mahjong Games
Free Mahjong Games

Sunday, March 16, 2014

All In One Mahjong Bueno Edition

Mahjong Bueno Edition

Like mahjong, life is a game of chance

Mahjong is an addicting solitaire game where player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.
Two game modes:
• Time mode (with shuffle ability, match all pairs as soon as possible)
• Score mode (no shuffle, play until you win or lose)
42 different layouts!
Global leaderboard with people playing all over the world.
Big selection of backgrounds.

Tips & Tricks

You can hide/show number of available moves by clicking status bar.
If you get stuck, click Hint button to see matching pair.
You can undo last move with Undo button.
Double click empty space on the screen in order to turn off/on highlight of open tiles.

The Great Mahjong

This is the best Mahjongg Solitaire game, you can play it!
Try new free colorful addictive mahjong game!
Click on matching pairs of tiles to remove them and clear the board.
One of the Mahjong modes is a new genuine 3-dimensional Mahjong sequel. User friendly interface, relaxing atmosphere, highly adjustable gamefield and background distinguish this game from others.
As the water polishes stone with time making it more smooth, as human mind advances the ancient China game - Mahjong, making it to perfection, better and deeper. Having evolved from domino game and several card games, Mahjong becomes most popular mind exercise and relaxation until nowadays.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mahjong Games Addicted

The Best Free Mahjong Solitare Games

On this site you can play the best free Mahjong Solitaire games for download: Mahjongg, Mahjong Fortuna, Mahjong Towers, Mahjong 3D, Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Gardens and many more Mahjongg Games.

Mahjong, Test your understanding of levels and pattern matching with the best Mahjong solitaire games. With several variants that allow you to choose time, stacking type, pattern type, and difficulty, you can progress from novice to expert in only a few rounds.

Try out the classic Mediterranean Mahjong Variation and connect the "free" symbols until the 144 tiles are diminished to none!

Don't forget to  check out the fantastic graphics and virtual depth of 3D Mahjong! Plan each move slowly and deliberately in MahJong Empire. This collection is expanding constantly, work at each of these variants to become proficient enough to conquer each new variant.

Play free online Mahjong solitaire games or download them to your pc ...including Mahjonged, the most popular majong game of them all with 300 levels, high scores and a level editor.

Free Mahjong Solitare Game Download

Free Mahjong Download

The Best Free Mahjong Game

Free Mahjong Game Download

Mahjong is a free solitaire matching game which uses a set of Mahjong tiles.

The goal of this pyramid game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. You will be challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.

In this puzzle game based on the popular (but more complicated) Mah Jong, you match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board. Clear the board of all tiles to win the game.

This board game includes 200 tables. A hint functionnality also exist to help you when being stuck on a difficult table.

Mahjong involves skill, strategy, and calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck.

Challenge yourself and move to the top of the tower; win and feel the satisfaction of completion by finishing all mahjong solitaires included in this online version of the classic tiles game !

Free Mahjong Games

Play Free Mahjong

Best Mahjong Game For Free Download

What is the Mahjong Game?

Mahjong is a solitaire style game that uses a set of mahjong tiles in place of playing cards. Some people call the game Shanghai or Mahjongg Solitaire. The tiles first originate from 500BC. In Mahjong Solitaire, 144 tiles are arranged in a distinctive pattern - the pattern is often in the shape of a turtle hence its other nickname 'the turtle'.


How to play Mahjong?

The aim of the game is to match pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, revealing the tiles underneath (and making them available for play). The game is completed when every pair of tiles has been taken from the board. The only rule is that you cannot select a tile that has a tile on both sides (left and right).

Free Mah Jong Download