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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2D Mahjong Temple

Nice Mahjongg Game - 2D Mahjong Temple

2d Mahjong Temple

The temple principal's daughter got distracted for just a second, but it was long enough for her little, white rabbit to take off!
Download Free Mahjong 2D Mahjong Temple
Where has the white rabbit gone? Take part in 2D Mahjong Temple's charming story today!
Play 2D Mahjong Temple and help her find the bunny! Go on a colorful, tile-matching adventure over 60 levels and 3 chapters.
In the blink of an eye, the young lady's favorite bunny made his escape after she delivered his breakfast. The rascally rabbit ran off during morning prayers and she must hurry to find him before something happens to him out in the wild. He is not accustomed to fending for himself!

Pursue the rabbit as you follow the colorful adventure through 60 beautifully designed levels when you play the free trial version or download the full version of 2D Mahjong Temple today! 

Download And Play 2D Mahjong Temple

These some of the advantages of 2D Mahjong Temple:
  • Enjoy an entertaining story of 3 chapters with 60 challenging Mahjong levels
  • Choose to relax with a second game mode
  • Increase your Mahjong skills while playing level after level
  • Discover beautiful designs and a soothing soundtrack
Download 2D Mahjong Temple

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