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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Space Mahjong

Space Mahjong Free Download

Space Mahjong
Travel through the cosmos, visit strange and wonderful alien worlds, and encounter fantastical creatures in Space Mahjong!
Explore seven different and challenging Mahjong styles each with their own artistically produced environment.

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Space Mahjong has seven different types of Mah Jong gameplay to choose from, including Crossed Lines, All By Picture, Logical Pair and a one minute timed round, each set in a unique and beautifully rendered alien environment. With hours of Mahjong gameplay, gorgeous graphics and soothing score, Space Mahjong will delight Maj Jong fans of all ages.

Free Mahjong Space Mahjong

  • Seven Mahjong game modes
  • Gorgeous space themed environments
  • Nice Relaxing music

Download Space Mahjong Free

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